My Agent Finally Recognises My Custom

My agent from my agency – Oh Cheers Productions – has finally given me a reference in the About page of his website.

Taken a while. Nice to finally get recognition. No doubt he reckons he can coin it off of my fame. At least I’ve made it to the mainstream news. What has Oh Cheers achieved? Exactly.

Funny how the “Main Pretention-agonist” talks about his music as well my own. So he’s doing “madcore” is he? What is wrong with him?

Some people (idiots!) might just think I’m a washed up old has been. I suppose it was about a year ago when the whole Google Horseboy palava exploded.

Admittedly it is depressing, at times, to think what could have been. To think what could still be. But I’m just a horse. And not even a horsome horse.

I’ve had to turn to other avenues for income now…

It's just a bit of escapism. You made me do this. Sob.


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