Dobbin’s Trip to the Edinburgh Fringe

Is it this time of year already? Late August; feeling slightly autumnal but desperately summery in a last-final-gasp kinda way before the long march down into the DARKNESS.

I reckon we’ve about 3-4 weeks of generally OK weather before the chill starts to shock us out of our summer stupor.

But we can still have a laugh, right? Or is it already getting too dark to heal the humours?

Tomorrow after work I board a flight* from Gatwick to Edinburgh to meet my agent for the final few days of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Yeah, I’m joining up with my agent. He was going to make badges to distribute to punters but didn’t. Fail? Or a lucky break? We’re best off incognito I think, sometimes. Sometimes, I even think.

Maybe we’ll see you there?**

Getting Ready for the Flight

*Train fare was twice the price and three times the journey time, and required a journey up to heavily-concreted northern London, which is generally worthy of avoidance as even the occasional tree that turns up is made of asphalt.

**code word: “dib dab dob“. Go on. Give it a bash. See if you get a hint of recognition.

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