Dobbin Horsome: Prophet of Doom


2010. Hyde Park. Sunday June 27th. Just on the corner. Around 3:30pm.

Strains of Elvis Costello and the Sugarcanes drifting from the not-too-distant enclosure of Hard Rock Calling, where Lord Paul McCartney would be playing with his hard rockin’ cohorts would be playing not too much later.

If you were there, perhaps on your way to see 25% of The Beatles, you would have seen me, for this is where you may have seen me all be-perched and besmerching my message to humanity. News from the Equine erectus race. Note we be sapient, salient and playful, as well as demonstrative and demonic. And daemonic.

You fear us. You are right to do so. Be prepared.

Dobbin Horsome: "Soothsayer, what sayeth thou?"

Took a while to publish this one. Horseboy been HOOF-ering. Hoovering. Okay, late for spring. Spring cleaning. Hoof-ering. Hoovering.

[Dobbin Horsome fetches snug horse coat and hoofs it… for now]


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