Dobbin Horsome – Time to Reflect a Little…

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What a week last week was. It was a certainly a week, which it had in common with many other weeks, but it was marked out by a surreal – perhaps pointy-eared? – halo of infamy which swizzed around me head as I got on with my normal day in the hay.

But it was OK. Even more than OK has been making friends with you all on Facebook and Twitter. Hello! You have your very own bloggin’ pet horsome.

So I thought I’d share with you one very special photograph of myself from that wedding. There were only the YouTube vids aside from this that I could locate.

Dobbin Horsome at the Aberdeen Wedding

Dobbin Does (Wedding) Disco

Did you spot the sporran?

And, aside from that, I thought I’d just drop in an intimate picture of myself as I’m writing this message now. Now you will have a strong mental image of precisely who is engaging with you as he presses out the words with his hooves, using the power of the pressed word, on a WordPress website. Neigh!

Dobbin Horsome on Chat Roulette

You get points if you can tell us what website that is. Extra points are awarded if you get it right.

Did I mention I like to play a musics and well as with the words? I does, you knows. Till the next time…

Stay stable.

Dobbin Horsome. xx


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