The Continuing Adventures of Dobbin Horsome

So, having gone mainstream this week with my identity I went out for a quick drink to celebrate in Boarditch last night.

Oh Cheers Productions crew having a business meeting

A Well-Earned Ale

Since the Channel 4 interview, there have been some seriously groovy developments on the internets regarding your favourite equine and mine. This article right here is a summary of the Horsome happenings, in the order by which they  tumble out of my Horseboy head and make their foray into the hay.

Webzine website The Drum has posted the utterings of yours truly as Quote of the Week:

“[It was] pure luck and blatant opportunism.”
A business analyst calling himself ‘Dobbin Horsome’ claims to be the ‘horseboy’ character caught on Google’s Street View in Aberdeen. Far from being a premeditated stunt as some observers suggested, he says he just had the mask at hand and couldn’t resist horsing around. We’re neigh sure if we believe him.

In my capacity as a modern pop art icon, I’m not sure which I found more gratifying: getting a whole interview written by myself published by a mainstream news channel, or a subset of that interview being promoted as being one of the best quotes this week.

Almost immediately subsequent to Channel 4’s publication. On my Twitter stream, a Twitterer by the name of Ian left me a message to call him, leading this thrilling exchange of words:

Ian: Scottish Daily Record.
Dobbin: Hello. Can I speak to Ian please?
Ian: (Pause) Is that… (another pause)… Horseboy?
Dobbin: You can call me… Dobbin Horsome.
Ian: OK…

Oh, what a laugh I had talking to a few of the folk there, though I have to say the Daily Record did still manage to get their facts a wee bit confused in the article:

Dobbin also revealed he was not the horseboy pictured in yesterday’s Daily Record with a schoolgirl in another Street View image in Hazeldene Road, on the other side of Edinburgh.

For the record, my Horsome horse-chums, I can tell you I explicitly did not specify whether I was or was not the equine featured in that photograph. Where would the fun lie in confirming either way, hey (or should that be hay?)?

Am I that same horse, you ask? Well, that would be telling. Anyone can don a horse mask, but you can be assured there is only one Dobbin Horsome, as the myriad paparazzi from last night can attest to:

Oh Cheers Productions night out

Look at their faces. Some look terrified. Rightly so.


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