Dobbin Goin’ Stable

Greets world. I’m an equine humanoid and my name is Dobbin Horsome.

Being a human horse, I ain’t got a whole lot to say. Sometimes, perhaps I do; sometimes neigh.

Here is a typical example of a Dobbin day out:

Gentle amble to the Tate Modern

Swift Tea Break

My silhouette in the "big space" at Tate Modern

Loved Tate Modern. Well worth a donation.

Having left Tate Modern, pondering next moves... Urban style

So I found my way to the party...

Hi hot bird. Would this constitute bestiality?

He's a public kinda guy

It's been a great night; now it's time for Dobbin kips


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One response to “Dobbin Goin’ Stable

  1. I think you and your sight are horsome. 😉

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